Beyond bookkeeping, we are the end to end tax and financial service for founders and soloprenuers. From expense classifications to tax filing and recommendations, we have you covered.Stop losing time and money and leave it to the pros.

Why Better Bookkeeping?

You didn't go into business to do your own books.Better Bookkeeping provides the insights into your business and tax savings strategies that will save you tons.

  • Has your business taken off faster than anticipated?

  • Do you have expenses to capitalize?

  • Are you spending more on taxes than you should?

Our Guarantee

Better Bookkeeping is bar none the best value out there for comprehensive bookkeeping and tax services.

Table Stakes:

  • Weekly: Up to date bookkeeping by a personal bookkeeper!

  • Monthly: Financial reports with your business highlights

  • Quarterly: Estimate Preparation reviewed by a tax pro

  • Annually: Tax Preparation by tax professionals with years of experience

Now it Gets Interesting:

  • Concierge onboarding to start you off on the right foot

  • Programmatic business insights, business benchmarking to provide valuable metrics

  • Monthly breakdown of your financials - keep up with the pulse of your business

  • Tax savings strategies generated from your books that will save you tons


Here at Better Bookkeeping, we are OBSESSED with saving taxes.We use your books to offer suggestions throughout the year that will save you money on taxes. We look at things like payroll, QBI deductions, expense savings opportunities, and more. It's like having a full time CFO and super cheap grandpa sitting on your shoulder.We will complete and file your S-Corp, C-Corp or Schedule C return for you. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the savings.

Essential Reporting

We designed our reports with founders in mind.The highest compliment a business owner could give us is that our reports saved them time and money. We provide you with information that helps you from making million dollar mistakes.You will get all the reports that are necessary to make great decisions that improve your business.
- Profit and Loss
- Balance Sheet
- Cash Flow Statement
Start making decisions that affect next month's bottom line. Reactive bookkeeping keeps you stuck in yesterday's mess rather than moving forward.

Stop struggling to
manage your money.

You didn't go into business to do your own books.Better bookkeeping keeps your books for you so you can get back to business. Through a tech enabled interface, we keep your books up to date on a recurring basis. We also offer intuitive reports that will give you insight into your business.Organized books make you money.
Someone to help you on along the way.
The information you need, when you need it.

Our Simple Process

1. Start Your 30-Day Risk Free Trial
Sign up today and securely connect your business accounts instantly through Plaid. Start managing expenses immediately.
2. Optimize Your Tax Strategy
Ensure you are not over paying your taxes and turn your books into knowledge for maximizing returns. Utilize intuitive, valuable reports to provide insights into your business' financial metrics.
3. Enjoy Saving Time and Money
Get hands-on support from bookkeeping and tax planning experts who help save you time and offer you peace of mind.
We dummy proof business bookkeeping.


Better Pricing

Start Up | $600/monthly

Includes up to $30K in monthly spending

2 Connected Accounts (bank, credit card)
Single Business Unit
Up to 750 Monthly Transactions
Tax planning & recommendations
Yearly tax preparation & filing

As you grow...

Scale Up | $1,000+/monthly

Includes up to $100K in monthly spending

3-5 Connected Accounts (bank, credit card)
2-3 Business Units
Unlimited Monthly Transactions
Quarterly planning & recommendations
Yearly tax preparation & filing

Find your ideal plan to build a better business today.